We have always lived loud, and we’re not going to change that

Gen X refuses to die with dignity. We will die in the spirit of Grace Jones and Poison, thank you, as we express ourselves in any way we see fit, whether that be in a regular suit and tie, or a full body of tattoos.

Most of us are not, as our parents did, dressing our age. We see those articles — the ones that say we’re supposed to stop wearing strappy sandals and high-tops, combat boots and miniskirts, or skin-tight jeans with holes — and we consider them for a second until we say “fuck that.” We’ve always worn…

Really — it just doesn’t

Most experts agree COVID-19 likely originated naturally, jumping from animals to humans by way of a typical mutation. There’s plenty of concrete, solid reasons to believe this. For one thing, it happens all the time. Most diseases that plague humans once originated in animals and crossed to humans. As humans have evolved and kept more and more animals nearby for food and companionship, more and more bacteria and viral diseases have had the opportunity to jump from animals to humans, and sometimes even back and forth, as new mutations occur.

For instance, the 2009 outbreak of H1N1, more commonly known…

And where to find them

Let’s face it: One of the great pleasures in life is blazing up and being sucked into a mind-expanding television show. It should be noted that every one of these shows is great all on its own, without herbal enhancement. But many of these shows almost feel as though they were meant to be consumed while high, and watching them while toking the ganja can only take your enjoyment to new soaring new levels.


Lady Dynamite

Lady Dynamite is a bizarro comedy written by, and starring, brilliant comedian Maria Bamford. Based mostly on her life experiences, the show gives the audience a…

A lot, actually

Though it may feel as though we’re currently going through the apocalypse, the world is burning up and racism is winning, we’re actually getting close to coming out on the other side of this hell, and I honestly think we’re all going to be better for it.

The COVID-19 pandemic will end, one way or another. As someone once said, either it will “go away like a miracle,” or we’ll finally reach herd immunity. Even if COVID-19 lingers as a seasonal flu, we’ll figure out a way to mitigate it.

As more and more of us get vaccinated and are…

But conservatives can’t, or won’t, understand that

You want to know how it is the American people have been cursed with freshman congressperson Marjorie Taylor Green? Because Marjorie attended the drag queen story hour at her local library and thought it was “insane” that a drag queen — whom she called “an abomination” would dare read books to children. She called various community leaders to complain, but “Nobody listened to me,” she says. …

Best essay I've read so far this year. I hope a lot more people read this.

I predict resorts and shopping on the moon are in our future

Watching the latest Space X launch (and explosion) of one of its Mars rocket prototypes, I was overcome with a sudden nostalgia for the days when Americans used to gather around the television to watch NASA launch a rocket to the moon or a space shuttle to the international space station. Sure, there have always been Americans against the cost of space exploration, but in years past, there seemed to be a more cohesive notion of space exploration, that there was a scientific duty to explore our solar system and that America in particular should lead the way.

American culture…

As a white woman, I've wondered about this. Sexist men out themselves pretty early and often and usually aren't that difficult to spot. What a nightmare to not know where you really stand with a coworker or even a friend.

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