We have always lived loud, and we’re not going to change that

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Gen X refuses to die with dignity. We will die in the spirit of Grace Jones and Poison, thank you, as we express ourselves in any way we see fit, whether that be in a regular suit and tie, or a full body of tattoos.

Most of us are not, as our parents did, dressing our age. We see those articles — the ones that say we’re supposed to stop wearing strappy sandals and high-tops, combat boots and miniskirts, or skin-tight jeans with holes — and we consider them for a second until we say “fuck that.” We’ve always worn…

Don’t test me

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The other day, I had to get some copies made for the abortion fund I’m on the board of. (Scroll down to see the flyer.) I went to Fed Ex Kinkos and got in line behind a middle-aged white man. I was waiting calmly until I realized he was harassing the two young women working behind the counter — they appeared to be in their twenties — he was at least in his fifties, if not sixties. Though he was belligerent and insulting, they stayed calm and were nothing but polite to him. I flashed back to all those years…

WOW. This is an absolutely breathtaking piece.

Abortion is necessary healthcare

National Network of Abortion Funds

“You’re killing babies!” It’s the rallying cry of the “prolife” movement. The problem is, that’s a bald-faced lie. Killing babies is illegal. Abortion removes a pregnancy. Nothing more. It’s not “murder.” It isn’t “cruel.” It isn’t “barbaric.” The embryo or fetus being removed can’t think or feel. It doesn’t know it exists.

The fact is that ninety-one percent of abortions in this country take place at 13 weeks or less. Yet the prolife movement would have people believe that in the United States of America infanticide exists and healthy babies are routinely ripped from women’s uteruses and chopped into pieces…

It’s an adventure!

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When I was in college oh-so-many years ago, and my friends and I needed to unwind, blow off steam and decompress from school and work, one of our favorite things to do was get high and explore our cavernous campus library that has miles of book stacks going down deep into the earth. On our adventures, our drug of choice was always weed, though ’shrooms would’ve been a hoot, too. (I guess since it was the early Nineties, we would’ve “totally dug it” if we’d had shrooms at the time, but they were often hard to come by.)

There was…

So many things

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Mental illness is still highly stigmatized in the US. Though I tend to be self-conscious about everything else, for whatever reason, I have never been ashamed of my mental illness. I’ve always been open to talking and writing about it freely, as well as reading almost any material regarding mental illness I can get my eyes on, whether it be treatments, new drugs, scientific breakthroughs, etc. Maybe I’m not self-conscious about it because I’ve known from a young age I was depressed; it’s been a fact of my life as far back as I can remember.

But when I write…


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Texas men will be horrified to discover they’ve been causing far more unwanted pregnancies than they ever knew, thanks to a new law that’s taken effect banning abortion after six weeks. Think back to every single one night stand you’ve ever had, fellas. How many of those resulted in you becoming a father? Up until now, you’ve had the privilege of not even knowing when you could’ve become a father in your teens or early twenties and beyond, because that girl or woman you had sex with had the courtesy to quietly dispose of pregnancies you didn’t even know occurred…

Is a huge challenge some people simply can’t overcome

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The United States is a brutal place to live when it comes to mental illness. We stigmatize it, make jokes about it and ostracize people over it, sometimes leaving them to rot in our streets. It is literally the most expensive medical condition in the US, with depression leading the costs. According to the CDC, depression alone is the cause of 200 million lost work days each year at a cost of somewhere between 17 and 44 billion dollars. …

For better and worse

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In a way, I’m thankful for having lived through a 100-year novel flu pandemic. As big of a pain in the ass as it is, it’s taught me several invaluable lessons I’ll carry with me the rest of my life.

I’ll never trust my fellow Americans again. Somehow, I had been lulled into the Pollyanna-ish belief that “most people are good.” Now I understand some people are good, and also, many people are selfish bags of dicks who will happily put other people’s children in danger for their own comfort.

I’ll never look at anyone wearing a medical mask in…

They fed him exactly what he’d been waiting to hear

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I hear a lot of apologetic white progressives who insist their parents or grandparents have been “brainwashed” by Fox News or other conservative media. I hate to break it to you, but in most cases, that’s simply not the truth.

The fact is your parents or grandparents are consuming exactly the messages they want to hear. They are terrified of the browning of the US, they believe this country belongs to white people, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep things that way. …

Amber Fraley

Writer, novelist, Kansan, wife, mom, essayist, journalist, reproductive rights activist, Jayhawk, dork. @KSAbortionFund

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