We have always lived loud, and we’re not going to change that

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Gen X refuses to die with dignity. We will die in the spirit of Grace Jones and Poison, thank you, as we express ourselves in any way we see fit, whether that be in a regular suit and tie, or a full body of tattoos.

Most of us are not…

If we can’t tell our own kids the truth then we’re not great

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It has been both horrifying and fascinating to listen to conservative America continue to defend this country’s whitewashing of our history in public schools, and their insistence it must continue for the good of the country. The right’s recent attacks on teaching accurate US history in public school classrooms is…

About the new Texas Abortion Law

Sandy Brown and Amber Fraley of the Kansas Abortion Fund. Photo by the author.

I make so secret of the fact I’m on the board of the Kansas Abortion Fund. If you don’t know what abortion funds are, we raise donations from the public so that people in our states who are in need of abortion care, but short on cash, are not blocked…

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This is the third year I haven’t called my mother to wish her a happy birthday. I’m not even going to send her a card. Why not? Because to do so might appear as an invitation to reopen the door to our relationship, and I don’t want that. I just…

Sometimes the trash takes itself out

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How many times over the past 20 or so years — watching our conservative brethren do dumb shit like hang effigies of Barak Obama and fly their Confederate flags like assholes — have you asked yourself, “Why can’t these people just disappear?” But of course they never do. …

Don’t test me

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The other day, I had to get some copies made for the abortion fund I’m on the board of. (Scroll down to see the flyer.) I went to Fed Ex Kinkos and got in line behind a middle-aged white man. I was waiting calmly until I realized he was harassing…

WOW. This is an absolutely breathtaking piece.

Abortion is necessary healthcare

National Network of Abortion Funds

“You’re killing babies!” It’s the rallying cry of the “prolife” movement. The problem is, that’s a bald-faced lie. Killing babies is illegal. Abortion removes a pregnancy. Nothing more. It’s not “murder.” It isn’t “cruel.” It isn’t “barbaric.” The embryo or fetus being removed can’t think or feel. …

It’s an adventure!

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When I was in college oh-so-many years ago, and my friends and I needed to unwind, blow off steam and decompress from school and work, one of our favorite things to do was get high and explore our cavernous campus library that has miles of book stacks going down deep…

So many things

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Mental illness is still highly stigmatized in the US. Though I tend to be self-conscious about everything else, for whatever reason, I have never been ashamed of my mental illness. I’ve always been open to talking and writing about it freely, as well as reading almost any material regarding mental…

Amber Fraley

Writer, novelist, Kansan, wife, mom, essayist, journalist, reproductive rights activist, Jayhawk, dork. @KSAbortionFund

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