Abortion Isn’t New — Abortion Hysteria Is

Amber Fraley
4 min readNov 2, 2023
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There is a widespread misconception that abortion is a relatively modern invention, borne out of modern humanity’s supposed moral decay. Nothing could be further from the truth. First off, abortion is ancient, practiced in every society all over the globe since the beginning of recorded history, and most assuredly before then as well.

Why? Because life is hard and sometimes resources are scarce. There is no reason to bring a baby into the world when your village hasn’t seen rain for weeks and people are starting to go hungry. Why continue a pregnancy if you can’t find enough resources for yourself, let alone the additional calories and drinkable water a pregnancy requires? And even if you can somehow provide for the pregnancy, why bring a baby into a famine?

The practical, humane decision is to end the pregnancy so a child doesn’t have to suffer.

Nothing has changed in modern times. Though we haven’t suffered widespread famine and hunger in the US since The Great Depression, sometimes individuals simply don’t have the resources to care for a pregnancy at that point in their life. And by “resources,” I mean fiscal, mental, and physical resources. Pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a baby are not only expensive, but require a certain amount of maturity, physical strength, and a lot of patience. Anyone lacking in any one of these resources is going to have a tough time parenting, and if you’re lacking in several resources, well, the prospect of the child suffering the consequences of your lack of resources becomes very real.

It’s personally upsetting to me when anti-choice folks insist a child growing up hungry, or unloved or abused is better than abortion. In fact, it’s not just upsetting — it makes me furious. It is absolutely not okay to force kids into homes that don’t have the proper resources to care for them.

The people who insist that being abused but alive is better than never being born are usually people who grew up in loving homes, or at least somewhat functional homes. Then there are those of us who are left dealing with the consequences of trauma and abuse, which can be debilitating, or at a minimum, a huge inconvenience.

Kids who grow up traumatized are more likely to have a lot of difficulty as adults. It’s…



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