As the child of two narcissists, I can attest to the fact that narcissists do suffer. Both my parents--who are long divorced, my father twice--suffer as they've literally driven every friend and family member out of their lives. They are both lonely and depressed, yet they both continue to lash out and be abusive to everyone in their lives. Neither one can seem to make the connection that if they'd take a little more notice of other people's needs and feelings, they wouldn't be alone. But they cannot do that, and don't seem to want to. I can also attest my brother and I have suffered lifelong trauma caused by both of them and the only solution has been breaking off contact. Both my brother and I have offered both my parents plenty of opportunities to be better people, but they are convinced they are victims and not perpetrators. So yeah, narcissists suffer, but they care not one whit about anyone else's suffering.

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