Biggest Conservative Myths

Illegals vote by the millions in American elections

Here in my home state of Kansas, our Secretary of State KKKris KKKobach has made it his life’s mission to seek out and stop illegal voting in America. He’s the one writing the new strict voter laws for several states. Practically the day trump became president KKKris scurried to Washington D.C. to throw himself at trump’s feet, offering to head up the Voter Fraud Commission, which trump was forced to disband after only a few months. Why? Because KKKris can’t deliver the goods, neither at the national level, nor the state level. He PROMISED he’d identify and punish “thousands” of illegal voters here in Kansas, and being a farm- and meat-packing state, we are home to a fair number.

Black Americans get to go to college for free

I am not even kidding about this one, and I really wish I were, because it’s perhaps the most depressing of the conservative myths out there. Ask a conservative. Go ahead. Many will insist black Americans are eligible for free college educations. I honestly don’t even know what else you say about that. It’s incredibly sad, blatantly racist, and frankly, sickening.

Obama stoked racial tensions in America

If you’re an average, somewhat educated, sane American, you understood that Obama occasionally discussing actual causes of racial tensions in America was not “race baiting.” We understood that our president was attempting to address and mitigate the very real issue of racial discrimination. He occasionally asked all of us to address the people and institutions causing very real, physical danger and emotional pain to our fellow black Americans. And how did we know that discrimination was real? Because we could see and hear it on video. See, Obama’s presidency happens to mesh perfectly with the time in our technology when smart phone use became available, then widespread, and finally, by the end of his term, ubiquitous.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should be locked up … but trump isn’t

Look, I will note right up front: I am NOT a Hillary Clinton fan. I respect Hillary. Immensely. She was undoubtedly the most qualified candidate for president in our history. However, I have my own personal doubts about both the Clintons’ integrity. That’s just me.

Healthy, nine-month-old babies are routinely aborted

This is a subject I touched on in another post, Abortion Facts Every American Should Know. The fact is that 91% of all abortions take place at 13 weeks or earlier. The remaining 9% are almost always cases in which the fetus isn’t viable or the mother’s health is in danger. There are a few patients who aren’t able to abort until the early 2nd trimester because they have obstacles to getting their abortion: i.e. they aren’t able to gather the funds to pay for it, or they have trouble traveling the distance to get one, because there are increasingly fewer clinics, because of far right-wing laws that unnecessarily target clinics. But past 22 or 24 weeks, abortion is illegal in most states. Very late term abortions in the U.S. are rare, in most states require two physicians to sign-off on, and only for the most unfortunate of circumstances. The families dealing with these circumstances deserve compassion and privacy, not harassment.

Writer, Kansan, wife, mom, essayist, journalist, reproductive rights activist, Jayhawk, dork. Support me on Patreon! amberfraley. com @KSAbortionFund

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