Dude. You could have at least done the courtesy of linking to me if you were gonna use my quotes. Of course picking up the tab doesn’t prove you’re not a body chopper. But it *is* the reason women meet men in public places, NOT because we’re gold diggers.

I know a couple of women who make more money than their husbands and they pay the majority of the bills. I’ve taken out guys and gone dutch.

I don’t think you’re a wimp for not picking up the check. I think you’re a wimp for *bitching* about paying a restaurant tab when women FACE REAL DANGERS when going out on dates. I think you’re a wimp for bitching when women have to navigate lower pay, sexual harassment and glass ceilings at work. All we’re asking for is the most minimum amount of respect and understanding and you’re acting as though we’re asking for the moon.

You don’t wanna pay the check? Don’t. You don’t want to take ANY time to understand what life is like for women? Don’t. You will attract women accordingly.

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