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  • Phoebe Cohen

    Phoebe Cohen

    I write, I draw, I have opinions

  • Eric Filipkowski

    Eric Filipkowski

    Marfan Syndrome/stroke survivor comedy Writer — South Park, SpongeBob, Skizzleplex, 2 Dumb Dinos.

  • Jeff Burkhead

    Jeff Burkhead

    Lawrence, KS townie & KU alum. Photographer, writer & social media manager. Mostly, proud husband, dad & pops.

  • Jeffrey Denny

    Jeffrey Denny

    A Pullet Surprise-winning writer who always appreciates free chicken.

  • Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew McConaughey

    Academy Award winning actor, NY Times best selling author, founder of the just keep livin Foundation

  • sierra millar

    sierra millar

    i love it here | https://sierramillar.carrd.co/

  • J.C. Anne Brown

    J.C. Anne Brown

    She/Her | Wife & Mom | Writer | Boundaries are essential. | Compassion is therapeutic. | Kindness is necessary. https://medium.com/subscribe/@JCAnneBrown

  • Isabel Brodsky

    Isabel Brodsky

    playwright, comedy person, aspiring medieval witch, twitter: @itsuhhbell

  • Dan Canon

    Dan Canon

    Civil rights lawyer, law professor, and high school dropout. Writes about the Midwest, class struggle, and the untold horrors of the justice system.

  • Jill Francis

    Jill Francis

    American immigrant in Italy with too many degrees in Psychology. I write about everything I’m afraid of. jillfranciswrites@gmail.com

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