Forced Birthers Demand Hand Recount of Blowout Abortion Vote in Kansas

Because of course they are

Amber Fraley
3 min readAug 15, 2022


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You may have heard recently that in predictably red Kansas, voters overwhelmingly voted against banning or further restricting abortion in Kansas. The vote was split 60–40 in favor of retaining bodily autonomy for Kansans with uteruses, with a lead of over 165,000 votes for those of us who voted NO to making changes to the Kansas Constitution.

But forced-birth fanatics are now calling for a hand recount, because we have entered the age of conservatives refusing to face reality. Per Kansas law, the people requesting the recount will have to pony up a bond to do so — in this case the cost is about $230,000 — and if the vote doesn’t go their way, they’ll have to give up that money to pay for the recount. If the vote goes in their favor, the state will assume the cost.

Forced birthers are attempting to crowd fund the cost of the recount, but so far, they are nowhere near reaching the amount of money they need by the deadline. As of this moment, they’ve raised about $35,000, but they’re supposed to have the entire amount turned in by the end of today, Monday, Aug. 15. It’ll be interesting to see if some forced-birth initiative from somewhere outside of Kansas swoops in and pays the tab by the end of the day.

This ridiculous demand for a recount belies so many things going on with the authoritarian right:

  • Denial of reality and facts
  • Rabid need to control other people’s lives and bodies against their will
  • Complete disrespect for women and trans men
  • Disregard of the democratic process

But perhaps the most disgusting aspect of this attempt to remove rights from half the population is that forced birthers are willing to sink an additional $230,000 into a campaign they’ve already wasted five-and-a-half-million dollars on.



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