Kansas GenExistential

If you’re a GenXer, a Midwesterner, or in menopause, these hilarious and poignant essays will speak to you

Amber Fraley


Are you a fan of the essays of David Sedaris? Are you a GenXer? Did you grow up in a dysfunctional home? Were you a latchkey kid? Are you now facing down middle age? Do you know the unique frustrations of being a Midwesterner? Do you have to carry a hand fan with you because of menopause? Do you care about reproductive rights and our LGBTQ+ friends?

If any of these apply to you or someone you know, then you’ll love Kansas GenExistential! (Christmas is coming! It makes a great gift for the GenXer in your life. Preorder and I’ll sign your copy however you like.)

Midwest Book Review has this and more to say about Kansas GenExistential:

Are you ready for a hilarious and insightful journey through the life of a GenXer in the Midwest? Look no further than Amber Fraley’s collection of essays, Kansas Genexistential–Essays from the Heartland.

With her witty and irreverent writing style, Fraley shares stories about everything from experimenting with homemade hemp-smoking methods in college to navigating midlife as a GenXer.

You’ll laugh out loud as she describes the odd characters she’s encountered throughout her life and how she’s learned about social justice over time. But it’s not all laughs — Fraley also delves into serious topics like reproductive justice and menopause with a refreshing mix of humor and compassion.

— Souzie Housely, Midwest Book Review

Pre-order here for your signed copy. The book drops December 6, 2023!

Most, but not all, the material in this book can be found on my Medium profile. Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

Amber Fraley is the author of the hilarious college coming-of-age tale The Bug Diary, as well as the author of the viral essay Gen X Will Not Go Quietly. Become a Medium member for only $5/month to access TONS of great writing and information!



Amber Fraley

Writing about abortion rights, mental illness, trauma, narcissistic abuse & survival, politics. Journalist, novelist, wife, mom, Kansan, repro rights activist.