"Studies also show that studies show you can find whatever you want to hear... Your claim is nonsense." That right there is a prime example of how rightwing propaganda twists your thinking. Are there junk studies out there? Sure. But every single modern miracle you enjoy came about because of legitimate studies. Your life has literally been saved many times because of competent people doing studies. But rightwing propaganda teaches you that when you hear something you don't like, you can just dismiss the science. That's madness. I understand you think it's crass and insulting of me, but it's what I hear from people who are so invested in rightwing "news." You all seem to parrot the same script Fox News puts in your heads: Masks don't work. Climate change isn't real, the climate has been changing forever. The FBI, scientists, and the media, can't be trusted. Critical race theory is being teaching little white kids to hate themselves. All of those things are pure nonsense. I ignore the news that isn't based in fact. But you all have decided facts are the enemy.

Blogging about mental illness, narcissistic abuse & survival, feminism, politics. Essayist, journalist, novelist, wife, mom, Kansan, repro rights activist.

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