White Women, Wake Up

You’re embarrassing the rest of us, and endangering all of America’s daughters

Amber Fraley


Photo by Isabella Fischer on Unsplash

There’s a Twitter thread I keep returning to and re-reading, because I cannot get over how gob-smackingly self-hating it is on so many levels. It was started by a white, conservative Christian woman who fancies herself some sort of social media influencer, pushing the conservative lifestyle on other white women.

She’s got a Twitter following of 30 thousand people, and she and her husband have their own conservative podcast with about 4 million subscribers, so this woman is no Ann Coulter, but she’s clearly working on it. I don’t want to identify her or her podcast because I don’t want to give her any publicity, so you’ll just have to trust me that she’s real.

Here’s her Tweet, which she posted at the beginning of October:

Conservative women have been fighting feminism, fighting abortion, and fighting for traditional values for years and making real progress only to have Right wing men turn on us in 2023, bitterly blaming *all* women for what’s wrong in society. It’s such an incredible betrayal.

I’ve re-read that Tweet again and again, amazed. This is what I hear in my head when I read it — Conservative women made ourselves insignificant and politically powerless for our men and still they disrespect us. It’s such an incredible betrayal.

This woman got dragged all around Twitter for about two full days for that tweet, with many people joking, I didn’t think the leopard would eat my face.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, before trump, I was woefully ignorant about how awful white women are as a group in this country. I honestly had no idea so many of us vote to protect our whiteness, as opposed to voting to support our gender.

Watching conservative women debase and degrade themselves for men who don’t seem to even care if they live or die has been stomach-churning. It would be fine if they were the only ones it affected, but of course that’s not the case. They have chosen to bend the knee to an abusive system, succeeded in taking away their own rights, and want the rest of us to do the same.



Amber Fraley

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