Why aren't your blogs more nuanced then? Because you come off like an angry white guy. Trans children being given puberty blockers isn't a conversation for society as a whole; that's where you come off like a conservative. The only people involved in that conversation should be the kid, their parents and their doctor. That's it. It's no one else's business, and certainly not a discussion for the law. Just as abortion is no one else's business. Look at every milestone of social change. They ALWAYS come from "woke activism." Being polite doesn't work. The status quo stays the status quo until people get pissed off and protest and are thrown in jail. That's been true of women's rights and rights for people of color. I understand your desire for "peaceful" advancement, but it just doesn't happen because the people who want the status quo are incredibly loath to change. They see it as a threat to their power.



Blogging about mental illness, narcissistic abuse & survival, feminism, politics. Essayist, journalist, novelist, wife, mom, Kansan, repro rights activist.

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