Bullshit. What woman packs nothing but heels on a trip to go rescue her sister from kidnappers?

Shelley Duvall, for all her screaming and flailing in The Shining, does successfully manage to whack Jack Nicholson with a bat and sending him falling down a staircase. Then she does something smart, which is to drag him to a pantry with a hell of a strong latch on the door. But then she spends several valuable seconds, as he’s coming-to, pulling helplessly on the latch while falling apart because there’s a cotter pin stuck in it. As though women can’t possibly understand such complicated hardware as cotter pins.

Writer, Kansan, wife, mom, essayist, journalist, reproductive rights activist, Jayhawk, dork. Support me on Patreon! amberfraley. com @KSAbortionFund

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