An Open Letter to the Man Who Screamed Obscenities At Me Today

I have questions…

Amber Fraley


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Dear Sir,

Today, as I was I was locking the front door of the last house of the day for my part time dog walker/pet sitter job, I heard a voice — yours — from behind yell what I thought was “Hey, Amber!” which is my name, so I turned around.

There you were in your silver car in the street, screaming, “YOU NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.”

I actually moved closer to you because I couldn’t see you very well, and I was super curious about who was so angry with me. You didn’t really scare me, because this is not the first time I’ve been screamed at in public by an angry man, and I’ve learned to stand my ground.

The second I realized I didn’t recognize you, I turned away and walked toward my car, because I’m not a complete fool when it comes to my personal safety. You were a pale, scraggly little man with scraggly hair, sticking up every which way, clearly having big feels about something or another. Not too frightening.

You gave one last scream: “YOU JUST NEED TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT YOU FUCKING BITCH,” and drove away.

I have so many questions.

Did you really say “Amber”? Because I’m starting to lose my hearing and you could very well have…



Amber Fraley

Writing about abortion rights, mental illness, trauma, narcissistic abuse & survival, politics. Journalist, novelist, wife, mom, Kansan, repro rights activist.